Two freebies (one fastball)!

Okay folks, bit of a fastball to start with, but there’s less than an hour to go!
You can get Mirage: Arcane Warfare on Steam for free right now via this link. You can get the special edition of the game at a reduced price (with a free copy of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare) if you happened to miss the freebie. The game currently has mixed recent reviews (51% positive), and mixed overall reviews (52% positive). The game is only available for Windows. I’ve never played this game myself, but it might be worth it for your collection if you like the genre. You have less than an hour on this one, so you may want to get it now, and try it later if you’re on the fence about it.
Additionally, you can get Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine for free right now as well via this link. It has very positive recent reviews (81% positive), and very positive overall reviews (91% positive). The game is available on Windows, Linux and Mac. This game on the other hand is worth picking up, and be sure your friends pick up a copy too, as you can play it together (ujp to 4 players)! This deal ends at 10AM PST (around 7PM BST/UK time) tomorrow (the 8th), so you have a bit more time to get this one!
I’ve made sure that each of my 3 accounts have both games (2 are my main account and secondary account for LAN gaming, and the last is my “development account”), though I had already bought Monaco ages ago so my 2 main accounts already had it! Monaco is definitely worth picking up, although I haven’t been able to play with anyone as of yet.
Anyway, that’s the deals I’m aware of for today.
Happy gaming!

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